San Diego Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic fields therapy is one of the best ways to get out of pain at San  Diego Personal Training. PEMF Therapy is a non-invasive tool using an electromagnetic field that targets damaged, weak cells and increases their energy which stops the release of pain. Over time, cells lose their energy and charge. This leads to underperformance on all levels. PEMFs penetrate the body tissue and bring energy back to cells that have lost their charge. This floods the body with electrons and brings these cells back to their highest performance and back to normal cellular function.

Everything in your body is made up of cells. This means that rechargement of weak, stressed cells can help every system in the body. Brain, liver, kidney, gut, muscular, and skeletal issues can be treated with PEMF therapy. Speeding muscular recovery, improving immune function, racing acute or chronic aches and pains, speeding wound healing, improving sleep and mood, and increasing oxygen transport and just a few of the amazing benefits.

Recharge your body and come back feeling and performing better. PEMF therapy treatments are unique, relaxing, and effective. Start moving and functioning at your greatest capacity!