San Diego Post Covid Rehab Program (PCRP)

Melita Fitness and Rehab offers a post covid rehab program that helps clients regain confidence and stability. Cardiac rehab is a common recommendation for post covid and respiratory events as a preventative measure against future events. Our PCRP (post covid rehab program) is designed for people who wish to take their health and fitness to the next level with guidance and supervision. Personal Trainer, Hannah Cochran is experienced in covid rehab and cardiovascular endurance training. She graduated from Western Oregon University with a degree in Exercise Science and has worked at Providence Medical Center’s covid rehab unit in Portland Oregon.

Often, insurance will only cover 24-36 sessions of covid/respiratory rehab. Melita Fitness and Rehab offers supervised exercise for post outpatient rehab treatment. Each session will include resting and exercise blood pressure along with blood oxygen saturation and exercise ECG monitoring. Put your mind at ease with our supervised exercise program and get back to doing what you love.

The Program 

The initial consultation will include documentation of medical history and current medications. A vitals assessment will be done to establish a baseline of resting blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, height, weight and age. Based on these results, the trainer will decide if a cardio and strength assessment is appropriate. All clients will undergo a mobility and stability assessment. A custom exercise program will be written for each client.

Future sessions with the trainer will begin with resting  blood pressure and oxygen saturation. All clients will wear an ECG monitor during both cardiovascular and strength training. Periodic blood pressure measurements will be taken during exercise.

Initial Session $150
Single Session $100
Package 4 Session $90
Package 12 Session $80
Package 24 Session $70
Package 48 Session $60