Meet The Team

Dan Melita - Owner

I have created the Melita Method which is used to diagnose and treat pain & injuries. I do this by using manual therapy techniques as well as therapy tools. My goal is to have you feeling good without the use of medication and surgery.

Danielle Barker

Learning how to human body works opened up a whole new world to me. I currently study directly under and work side by side with Dan Melita so that I can further my career in injury rehabilitation and pain management. What started as a desire for a physique became an education on functionality and something I want to share with others.

Rehab Specialists

Ryan Neuwirt

Much of my current interest lies in functional neurology and how it applies to movement. How can we leverage it to improve how we feel and function? This is a driving force for me. By encouraging cooperation between nerves, muscles, and joints, and fostering a better understanding of what your body is communicating to you, my goal is to help you experience the best your body can be.

David Schroer

After losing over 80 pounds and rehabbing three herniated discs from a car wreck in my lower back with only mobility and strengthening exercises, I became fascinated with the body's capability to change and heal. Since then, I have accrued more than 10,000 training hours over the last decade and guided hundreds of clients towards their goals. I've helped clients with total body transformations where shoes and glasses no longer fit. I have helped prepare a cancer patient for his bucket list goal of getting to the 1st base camp of Everest. Even something as simple as helping a dad lift his son without back pain. Whatever your goal, however complex or simple, I promise I can help get you there with your hard work and dedication.

Personal Trainers